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Definition is a website and webstore operated by Faire Belle

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As we continue to develop our website, Faire Belle may from time to time, modify or update the Conditions of Use without prior notice.
Your use of our website constitutes your agreement to follow and be bounded by the Conditions of Use.
General and Definition
Below is a list of world wide web / internet websites owned and/or operated by Faire Belle (referred to "Faire Belle's websites"):

Faire Belle is only responsible for the contents and transactions on Faire Belle's websites.

Contents and transactions related to Faire Belle, but found on websites not listed in the "Faire Belle's websites" sections may not be owned, operated or published by Faire Belle.
Faire Belle not be responsible and cannot be held responsible for such contents and transactions found/done on non-Faire Belle's websites.
The usage of the Faire Belle brand may be under franchise, master-franchise and brand licensing agreement, thus the webstore operator will not be responsible for transactions and/or sales entered with any of Faire Belle's franchisee. Faire Belle and/or FBE may have entered into marketing agreement with Faire Belle Brand's franchisee to place materials and/or marketing materials related to Faire Belle Brand's franchisee on Faire Belle's website. Faire Belle, Faire Belle Brand and/or FBE will not be responsible for contents and materials related to Faire Belle Brand's franchisee, however, Faire Belle and Faire Belle Brand will exercise due diligent on content and materials. Faire Belle, Faire Belle Brand and FBE is also not responsible for transactions and/or sales entered with Faire Belle Brand's franchisee.


Usage of Website

Faire Belle as the owner and operator of the website and/or webstore, grants you non-permanent access and/or usage of our website. Faire Belle will not be responsible and liable for any losses and actions resulting from your access or usage of our website and you agreed upon so by your continued usage of the website. 


Faire Belle reserve the rights to withdraw any access and/or usage rights granted to any of our website users at our own discretion, without prior notice. This includes blocking the IP address which you are using to access our website and suspending or deleting the account which you are using to access our website. Faire Belle will not be responsible and liable any losses and actions resulting from the suspension of your access and/or usage of our website and you agreed upon so by your continued usage of the website. 


Faire Belle, as the owner, operator of the website and/or webstore, at its own discretion, without any permission from the website users and/or customer, may delete, archive, update any information and accounts belonging to the webstores and website users and/or customer. This includes deleting order information beyond a reasonable timeframe or for the purpose of migrating the webstore and/or website; deleting, resetting and suspending customer's account and resetting the password of customer's account. Such actions may be for the security, operations and maintenance of the webstore and/or websites. 

Website Content

All the contents (including images, graphics) are intellectual properties owned and/or licensed to Faire Belle. The contents found on Faire Belle's website is for personal usage and not intended for commercial and reselling usage.

Certain product and/or model images are restricted for distribution by the respective modelling agencies and it is licensed to Faire Belle for Faire Belle's usage only. Such images must not be reproduced without Faire Belle and the modelling agencies' authorisation.
Faire Belle's content and intellectual properties are not for reproducing, redistribution, publish, editing, sale and licensing without the authorisation from Faire Belle. Any request to reproduce, redistribute, publish, edit, sale and licensing of Faire Belle's content and intellectual properties can be sent to Faire Belle brand owner, which take 5 to 8 weeks to process and require licensing fees.
Legal actions may be taken against any case of violation of Faire Belle's intellectual properties.
Inaccuracy Disclaimer

From time to time, there may be information on that contains typographical errors, inaccuracies or accidental omission related to any website contents, product descriptions and product availability.
Your internet service provided by your internet service provider or corporate IT service may be using internet proxy. Certain internet proxy caches the contents on a website for a period of time and uses the cache version to serve the internet request. In such cases, inaccuracies may occur because the internet proxy may be serving you your internet request using old cached version. In addition, internet proxy may not be serving you the content in a correct, proper and intended manner as the content has been modified by the internet proxy during the caching process. Faire Belle will not be responsible for any inaccuracies or errors caused by such internet proxy.
We reserve the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies and to change or update the information without prior notice (including after order submission and/or order confirmation).

By participating in contest organised by Faire Belle on any of Faire Belle's website, Faire Belle's Facebook page, Faire Belle's Instagram account and/or hashtag, Faire Belle's Twitter account and/or hashtag, you are deem to have read the terms and conditions governing the contest and agree to adhere to the terms unconditionally. Your entry and/or post on any of the social media platform in relation to our contest and/or promotion is your acceptance to the terms and conditions set out henceforth. 

1) All tangible contest giveaways are restricted to Singapore citizens and/or Singapore PR residing in Singapore.

2) All tangible contest giveaways will be dispatched by Singpost Normal Mail to your residential address. Any request for Registered Article (RA) number or Certificate of Posting (COP) will be ignored.

3) Participants who didn't fill in all fields in a form will have their contest entries deemed as invalid.

4) Any Facebook post marked by Facebook as spam or hidden by Facebook would be deemed as invalid and does not qualify for any contest or promotion.

5) All voucher, discount codes given in a contest and/or promotion is only valid for a period of 3 months starting from the start of the contest and/or promotion.

6) All entries in a contest and/or promotion must be submitted before the contest and/or promotion entry date

7) All prize and giveaway from a contest be redeemed within 3 days or the date stated in the announcement post, whichever is earlier.

8) All winners for apparels giveaway are required to do a simple review of the apparel won by them on their Facebook and tag Faire Belle within 7 days. Winners that did not post the entries within 7 days will be treated as a breach of contract and they will be required to compensate Faire Belle the selling price of the apparels won by them and any administrative fees deemed by Faire Belle.