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Sat, 2014-12-06

Santorini Resort Dress is the latest dress under #fairebellelabel! 

So much love for this dress! It is inspired by one of our favourite brands - Forever New!

Changed the cut to our favourite fit and flare and material to everyone's favourite neoprene!

And VOILA! Its a truly #fairebelle style dress!

Lookin at the pictures just reminds us of Greece and puts us in a holiday mood!

Plus we had our photoshoot at Blu Kouzina , a Greek restaurant.

The perfect setting for this gorgeous white and blue dress!

Hence we cant helped but to name it - Santorini Resort Dress! So apt right..

Shall share some style inspirations that we found from Polyvore while we were googling for the original dress picture!

(Picture credits to the creative polyvore users!)


Keep it sweet and simple with a pair of ballerina flats and you are good to go for a casual day out!

Or simply match it with a simply pair of sandals for a day at the beach!

Bring out your sneaks and show your personality through bold accessories!

We see that its a perfect match with scarves too! Bring out your girly heels for a romantic date out!

Or match it with jewellery pieces for work or functions!

Dont you this this is really a very versatile piece ?

Goes with any kind of footwear and you will not look sloppy even in sandals or slippers!

So happy to find these style inspirations online.. Hope you all get some ideas from these pictures!

On a separate note, this year, we were very very lucky to meet a supplier who could do customized prints for us !!

So instead of being restricted by the ready fabric in the market, we are able to bring in unique digitally printed dresses!

Which are already in production by the way.. So excited to bring them back with me next week!

All these will be revealed over the festive season!

Think prints from Ted Baker, Warehouse, ASOS and the likes!

Really excited to do the photoshoot for our next lookbook!

 So... stay tuned!

Til the next!

PS: let me know if you would like to see more of such blog entries!


PH <3

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