Let's view it in videos ♥ Our picks for the launch!

Thu, 2017-08-17

Our picks for this launch!

Let's view it in videos ♥

This post is something new we are trying out!

Our favourites in videos so that you can see how it looks in "3D"?

If you like this new initiative, do let us know so that we can keep it going for you! 

First up, this versatile 2 piece dress.

The reason we brought in its because we really love how "suave" the entire outfit is!

Plus versatility is the key to value for money.

The outer pleated skirting adds on a dressy look to the outfit.

On days you just want a simple black dress, simply wear the dress by itself!

We brought it in in army green as well for the European style look!

Next! Romantic lace maxi!

The part that we really love about this dress is the slit design,

which will reveal the inner luxe design with movement.

Its a really subtle but sexy romantic piece!

Because its too pretty, we brought it in black and blue!

Take your pick for the occasion that you are looking for!

Every once in a while, we chance upon figure flattering design like this.

We know we can't let it go.

Check out the video and you will know what we mean!

The peplum design is definitely a great confidence booster.

Giving you curves and hiding the bumps!

Thumbs up for this!

Ok we are done with our picks for the dressier items!

Now we'll shall move on to the everyday pieces!

If you have been with us for quite a while,

you would realised that we love pinafore-ish designs as well!

This is one of the sweeter versions that we have brought in recently!

With lace and swing skirting!

Available in sweet pink and classic black!

This is a really simple dress; but we love it for its simplicity!

Plus light weight material !

Perfect for SG's hot and humid weather!

Simple details like the flutter sleeves are ♥

Available in light grey!

I dont know about you girls, but once in a while,

I think its great to don something pink and girlish!

The thing we love most about this dress is the flattering waist design!

Everyone will be grateful for that visual illusion!

Even the slightest would do great help to us!

Also available in classic black for the cool girls out there!

Last outfit!

Something bright that we think its good once in a while!

Mustard is actually a very nice and trendy colour.

But it just seems to be an underdog?

Hoping more people will start to see how chic mustard is! 

We matched it with another maroon top and it looks equally good!

What do u think? =P

Loving it as much as we do?

Hope you enjoyed this post!

We had fun sharing our thoughts!

More to come !!

Til the next! >>

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