1. We only accept a return or an exchange if:

  • An incorrect item is received
  • A defective item is received
  • Purchased item's size does not fit (subject to item's availability)

2. To qualify for a return or an exchange, all items must be returned to us in their original condition.

  • The items' original packaging and clothing label/tag (if any) must remain intact
  • The items also cannot be worn, washed, altered, stained/marked and perfumed

3. If your purchased item's size does not fit you, we can exchange another size for you. However, the item to be exchanged must be of the same design and colour. Send us your order ID and a picture of the item you wish to exchange for another size to We will send you an e-mail with instructions to: 

  • Mail the item to our office 
  • Pay us a restocking fee of $2.90
  • Pay us a SingPost Normal Mailing fee for us to mail the exchanged item to you
  • Upon receiving our e-mail, you must send your item to us within 3 working days. Otherwise, we will not process the exchange for you

4. If the size requested by you is not available at the point while we are processing your request, we will not make a refund to you.

5. For an incorrect or a defective item, send us your order ID and a clear picture of the item and its defect to If the item is not found to be incorrect or defective, you need to pay us a SingPost Normal Mailing fee before we can return it to you. 

6. We do not accept a return or an exchange for:

  • Items purchased with discount/promotion codes
  • Items on sale
  • Items which are in free size
  • Items where only one size was available for sale
  • Seasonal items

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Customer Care



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